Our Tentative Route

When it comes to planning a three-month long journey, planning is not only a daunting task, but it’s not always realistic. As of our start date, we only have about 30% actually booked. The number of variables that can affect our travels (which is what makes traveling an adventure worth taking) are what stop us from planning it fully.

Below is our tentative schedule:

San Francisco, US–> London, England
London –> Paris, France
Paris –> Bordeaux, France
Bordeaux –> Paris, France
Paris –> Porto, Portugal
Porto –> Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon –> Madrid, Spain
Madrid –> Rioja region, Spain
Rioja –> Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona –> Lyon, France
Lyon –> Chamonix, France
Chamonix –> Turin, Italy
Turin –> Florence, Italy
Florence –> Rome, Italy
Rome –> Venice, Italy
Venice –> Vienna, Austria
Vienna –> Prague, Czech Republic
Prague –> Berlin, Germany
Berlin –> Brussels, Belgium
Brussels –> Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam –> Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town –> San Francisco

To check out an interactive map of our journey at the link below:




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