About Us

Imported Pics & Vids 6-8-2013 1414

Welcome to the travel memoirs of Trevor and Julia!

For those of you who don’t know us, we are an American couple living in California who have a desire to explore the world. So, we quit our jobs, bought one-way tickets to Europe and will be departing February 2, 2014 (right after the Superbowl). We plan to travel to France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and others for about three months. We just recently decided to add a stop in South Africa for a few weeks to see Julia’s family and ride on the backs of lions and whatnot.

Julia has a Bachelors degree in journalism with a minor in studio art and just left her administrative assistant position at a commercial real estate, development and construction management company. She loves experiencing different cuisine and can make you a life-long friend in ten minutes. She has yet to go abroad as an adult (excluding Mexico & Canada), but is filled with excitement for the adventures to come. It has always been her wish to see the world.

Trevor has two Bachelors degrees: business finance and risk management and just left his position as assistant manager for the largest wine store in the USA. Trevor has already had the chance to travel to 15 countries around the world and enjoys experiencing different cultures.

Trevor and Julia are energetic and outgoing and will aim to keep the blog informative while still satirical and lighthearted. We plan to post lots of pictures.

We are ready to go new places, meet new people, gain life skills, help where can, learn where we can, and make the world a better place through cultural understanding. We are ready for an adventure.



  1. Can you give us an update, the world is dieing to know how things are going? Just little snippets from your daily experiences. Love you guys and miss you. Dad and Mom

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