The Beginning

Savoring what would probably be my last Sierra Nevada pale ale, Trevor, his last Lagunitas IPA for a while, we sat with Trevor’s parents and watched the disappointing first half of the Superbowl, all eager to board our flight and get this show on the road!

After a long red-eye direct from San Francisco we arrived in the London Heathrow airport. It’s worth noting that not only were the airplane’s seats comfort-challenged, the tiny airplane meals were mediocre and we were surrounded on all sides by three of the most adorable [crying] babies you’ve ever [heard] seen. Needless to say, the beverage service and sound-canceling headphones came through. Step up your hospitality Virgin Atlantic!

Now it was time for our first train ride of the trip. The high-speed train took us under the English channel, straight into charming Paris. Traveling at about 186 mph, London flew by. I was happy it went so quickly because not only was it packed since it was now Monday morning rush hour, not everyone on the train used deodorant.

When we arrived in Paris, and went directly to the metro station to catch a series of trains that would take us to our Hotel Girard. This sweet little hotel is one that Trevor has stayed at many times and it was a short walking distance from our last stop on the metro. Here, almost everyone uses the metro as their main form of transportation, it’s pretty awesome/efficient.

And I have to say, the city of Paris is astonishing. Everything is super old and ornate. It reminded me a lot of San Francisco, but older, cleaner and more elegant.


We checked in to the Hotel Girard and got on the tiniest little elevator ever. It’s basically a three person maximum and even then everyone’s crammed. Pretty hilarious when you’re trying to get two people, two huge duffels, and two small backpacks up to the third floor. We took the stairs too, but that elevator was just too funny not to use.

In our room we decided to open the tiny balcony shutters to let in some cool, fresh air. Trevor suggested I look out the window to the left and my jaw dropped; we had a view of the Eiffel Tower–so freaking cool.


That night we got into some warmer clothes, grabbed our bottle of Baron De Rothschild champagne (our favorite) and headed out to Tracadero Street for what some say is the best view of the Eiffel Tower in the city. Those people were right. I couldn’t believe just how  beautiful it was. It felt surreal enough being in Paris, but being there with my amazing boyfriend, his wonderful parents, AND drinking a $100 bottle of kick-ass champagne while gazing at that tower was a pretty special feeling.



So in love with this city and it was only the first night.



One comment

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! Sooooooo happy for you both on your engagement and trip of a lifetime!!!
    Enjoy every second. Love always, Aunt Sheri

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